Under an ACMI -- or wet lease -- contract, customers receive a dedicated aircraft that is crewed, maintained and insured by VTA in exchange for agreed-upon rates and levels of operation, enabling customers to take advantage of our scale and efficiencies to expand their presence in the world’s cargo markets.

By having VIETRAVEL AIRLINES operate dedicated freighters for you – carrying your cargo on your schedules to your destinations – you can effectively grow your capacity and capitalize on the airfreight market – without taking on exposure to fluctuations in the value of owned aircraft or a long-term commitment related to crews and maintenance. At the same time, you’re able to focus on your core competencies and generate value for your customers. Under individually tailored ACMI leases, customers assume marketing and direct operating expenses, including fuel, cargo and landing fees.

The benefits of our ACMI services are numerous:

High-quality capacity without significant investment.

Flexibility to adjust for operations and market demand.

Early access to new markets and growth.

Seamless integration into your own cargo network.

Guaranteed aircraft availability.

Our ACMI services are backed up by 24-hour global support, including central AOG and parts support; systems operation and dispatch; central crew scheduling; IT support; and sales and operations teams around the world.



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