From magnetic to radioactive, corrosive to explosive, VTA has experience in handling and safely flying the full range of dangerous goods.

All procedures and operations performed by VTA comply with IATA and ICAO guidelines and regulations.  We are authorized transporters of all nine classes of dangerous goods including explosives, gases, flammable liquids & solids, oxidizing substances, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosives and other dangerous goods.

In addition to air freight we specialize in ground transportation for dangerous goods including arranging special permits, escorts and a team of ADR licensed drivers.

VTA competitive advantages

Highly qualified personnel across the supply chain, fully certified by ICAA to deal with DG

Expert DG response team available 24/7

Our DG expert is a certified ICAA DG instructor for all DG categories, and is the only instructor in Israel that also works actively on every day operations in DG supervision.

Our on line ground handling agents are certified for the entire scope of the DG supply chain

Our off line warehouses are also qualified and certified in accepting and handling DG

ADR certified drivers for ground transportation of DG

All our operation team members are certified to deal with dangerous goods.

Advanced IT system means faster acceptance, handling & loading of DG shipments.

Fast & creative solutions for complex shipments of dangerous goods.

Level of certification is based on the type of work that is being performed according to the IATA/ ICAO requirements (Category 6, 8, 10 & 12)

N.B : VTA will not accept DGR on passenger flight, DGR will be accepted only on freighter aircraft only


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