Transportation of funerals, one of the top-ranking considerations of us, is performed as soon as possible thanks to the commitment and high-quality service of VTA Cargo. We, as the airline flying to the most countries worldwide, give funeral transportation service sensitively in our frequent flights. IATA rules on procedures, documentation, packaging and labeling are strictly employed.

Consideration Points in Acceptance of Funerals

Responsibilities of the Sender

Special handling processes are indicated in the field of "Handling Information" on the AWB by the sender during the cargo and documentation acceptance phase, and cargo is accepted based on the details indicated.

Funerals should be packaged in a manner to prevent any unpleasant odor or leakage; they should be placed inside a durable wooden or metal coffin, and they should be covered in a manner to prevent inside of the coffin from being visible outside.

Funerals, to be shipped in coffin, are accepted for the international flights of our Company after being placed inside a metal, zinc, lead or durable wooden coffin and covered with a sack cloth/tarpaulin cover.

Funerals in ashes are accepted in wooden boxes or cases or in a container with a special lid, packed in a shock absorber package providing active protection against breakage.

It should be paid attention to that coffins of the funerals, the cause of death of which is any infectious disease, are definitely soldered and firmly closed and in a manner that would not allow leakage, at the acceptance stage.

No consolidated cargo shall be accepted to be transported if they have funeral inside.

Death Certificate should include the following details regarding the funeral:

Full name of the funeral,

Place and date of birth,

Place and date of death,

Cause of death,

Details about the fact that whether any infectious disease is at issue, or not



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